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Blessing:Model for the day

Blessing:Model for the day

A good Friend of mine Solomon Adenuga wrote this and I totally fell in love with it, Enjoy…

Until the first day of my NYSC orientation camp, I had never believed in love at first sight. To be honest, I had never truly believed in the concept of love before that fateful morning.

After praying, fasting and basically begging God and my parents to help me get posted to Lagos, I had been shocked and disappointed when I found out i’d be serving in Abuja, a city where I had no family, no friends, no car and no accommodation. All the plans I had made to spend my service year in Lagos with my friends had fallen apart and there was nothing I could do about it, It was very upsetting.

I was still in a foul mood when i got to the NYSC camp in Kubwa that morning and a soldier asked me to carry my luggage on my head. He looked like he was joking but the horsewhip in his hand and the stern faces of his colleagues pointed otherwise. I decided to look around for clues and that was when I first caught a glimpse of  her, the proverbial damsel in distress, struggling to balance a heavy bag on her head with one hand and carry her stuffed bucket with the other. It was a funny sight to behold, but there was something innocent and appealing about it, I had to see more.

I quickly placed my bag on my head, hurried to catch up with her and asked,

“Do you need any help with that?”

She smiled and replied, “don’t you have your own stuff to worry about”

Before I could utter my next words, another soldier had interrupted and asked us to “double up”our pace to join our respective queues. And so began what I expected to be the worst three weeks of my entire life. The early morning parades, exercises, mosquito bites and the massive queues at every point were unbearable and if wishes were horses, i’d definitely have rode one out of Camp Kubwa by the second day.

On the fifth day of camp, Cupid and the other gods-in a bid to get me to stay at Kubwa, let me see my beautiful damsel in distress again. I had just entered the “Lady A” eatery to eat its famous fried rice when I noticed her seated with her friends, having dinner. Even though I ached to speak to her, I wasn’t ready to do so in the presence of her noisy friends so I begged the gods for another sign and luckily, they granted my request.

After she left with her friends, I noticed she had left her nysc cap behind. I was only halfway done with my meal and still had a big piece of goat-meat left on my plate but suddenly, nothing else mattered, I had to talk to her again. I paid for my food, left a generous tip-I couldn’t wait for my change, picked up the cap and started walking in the direction I saw her go with her friends.

To my amazement, I saw her walking alone towards me-well, towards “Lady A”- she had ditched her friends to go in search of her cap.

“Looking for this?” I asked holding up her cap and smiling sweetly.

“Yes, Oh my God, thanks,” she replied, taking the cap from my hand.

“You’re welcome, uhhmmm…can I walk you to your hostel”

“Yeah sure, why not”.

The next few minutes stretched into hours, our conversation was fascinating, intense and riveting. We sat in front of her hostel and talked like old friends who had lost contact and were trying to make up for lost years.
I was genuinely surprised when we were approached by soldiers who wanted to know why I was still at a female hostel after lights out-I honestly do not remember hearing the siren or anything else. I jogged to my hostel as the soldiers instructed, smiling half of the way-thinking about her, and frowning the other half when It hit me, I had not collected her number or even her name.

The next morning, immediately the morning parade and exercises were over, I went from platoon to platoon, hoping to spot her amongst the dispersing crowd, alas i couldn’t find her. Next I went to the OBS radio station and placed adverts to run every hour, asking “a beautiful stranger to meet the person who had rescued her cap the previous night, for a 3pm lunch at the place where they both had dinner”. It was a long shot, but it was all I could think of.

I waited at “Lady A” from 2pm till 4pm when it was time for the afternoon parade but she never showed up. As I walked dejectedly away from the “maami market“,considering my next move, I heard a familiar voice  behind me say

“hey stranger”.

I turned around and saw her, smiling at me, and immediately all my feelings of despair vanished. She looked like a beautiful mess with her tired eyes, her hair roughly tied in a bun and her white uniform and shoes plastered with stains.

“I wanted to meet you by 3 but I’ve been stuck in the kitchen as you can see. My platoon is on duty today” she said, still smiling.

I smiled back as I walked up to her, knowing deep inside that from that moment, my camp experience and my life in general was about to change.

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The Swing Thing

Wura: Model for the day

Wura: Model for the day

The swing on the playground in primary school was as important to me as Tyrion Lannister to Game of Thrones.

I was the Queen of the swing jump! and I ruled that playground with my sweet moves.

My technique was so good…first I rode the swing  higher and faster than any other kid dared and then while  in the air, I made a jump for the ground and almost always, I landed on my feet.

It was bad (ass) and I knew It but my playground dominance was hellish on my uniform, my escapades left my uniform torn and dirty which of course led to my mother banning me from the kingdom.

Always the obedient daughter, I stayed away( it was one of the hardest things I ever had to do) a full week the kingdom suffered my absence but then the forces smiled on me one fateful day mummy was late.

I knew it had to be something important that kept her from getting my brother and I early enough but the boredom was killing me. I took a stroll to the playground…just to see what had changed since my exile ( I knew I shouldn’t have gone but I couldn’t help myself) all I could feel was love literally swelling in my heart and the best part of it was the playground was empty! I could do whatever I wanted, soI ran back to my brother to see if mummy was here yet: she wasn’t.

The plan was simple, have a quick run on the swings perform some jumps and head back before the arrival of the Mum( It was foolproof…was’t it?)

I got on that swing seat and felt all the rush of adrenaline coarse through my veins, the movement started with a slow push…I savored every push into the sky and rode higher and higher and higher and with each swing I was on top of the world with no worries nor cares (except what my mum would do if she found out i came here, which she wouldn’t!!) The next thing was to take the leap from the seat while in mid- air and just when I was satisfied, the jump was made and simultaneously a rip was heard.

Remarkably I landed on all fours with little or no scratch (  but the same couldn’t be said for my uniform as that simultaneous rip was eyewitness/evidence to my disobedience) I couldn’t believe it, I had stayed away for 1 week and the 1 day I slip, I was sporting a uniform so torn, a beggar would reject it! so I decided to do what a normal 8 or so year old would do. Create a good cover story to explain the torn uniform, I just had to get back.

As I looked up to head forward, I was stopped in my track not sure if my limbs could move but my mouth seemed to work just fine because they immediately said “Good afternoon mummy”

Happy Birthday Wura

He looked at me!!

Seyi:Model for the day

Seyi:Model for the day

HI everyone,

It’s another Thursday and so another post and though I had to be up at 4am writing this on a Wednesday morning, I’m happy I have committed to something (so much for commitment-phobia). Now on to the story for the day…

There comes a time in every person’s life when they realize that a potentially attractable party who is a total stranger in fact attracted to them. The possibility of this happening on a daily basis is very not likely, unless you are Black widow or Tony Stark according to my theories (But I digress)

On this fateful day I had one of such experiences, I was on my way home from work and boy was I looking #InstaFine after a long day of shooting. Yes I do say so myself.

As a not so financially buoyant Corp member serving my father land, I didn’t have enough cash to enrol in a proper gym but I really wanted to stay “Fit” so I walked the distance from the office to my house, which gratefully was about a half an hour’s trek on the days I was not too tired from arguing with my program producer.

Strolling down the street with music blasting from my headset and my head bobbing continuously to a beat or even non beat was my mechanism to send away all “unwanted species” who tried to hit on me. On very very very few occasions the species were specimen and not so “unwanted” and so for the purpose of this story, I shall describe to you this particular speci(man.)

He was seated in a car but I could tell from the angle of his head that he was on the tall side, with a face that I’m sure girls have fought over and a smile that just blew my weave away, upon closer inspection he was very ripped as his shirt was straining for release atop his body, he didn’t have crazy eyes and he seemed intelligent.Did i mention he was fine like a Greek god?

He looked at me I saw as I looked up from looking at my feet and crossed the street to where he was parked (I was after all on the wrong side for my journey) and as I walked past I prayed he would at least be a gentleman and not whistle for my attention like a dog as some guys are known to do but instead I got nothing, I was slightly pleased he wasn’t a specie and slightly irked that he hadn’t noticed me so I walked much slowly, taking every step with care  and a little sway of the hips(well what can pass for hips in my case)

Then he started his car, I was giddy he was coming to talk to me (the next few seconds went on in slow motion for my brain)he drove forward to me, I walked even slower ( still don’t understand how that was possible) angling my body towards him, so he could read that I was in fact open to a flirtation. He drove up to a few steps ahead of me came out of the car literally looked and smiled at me, took a survey of our surrounding, smiled at me again, got back in his car and made a U turn to the other side of the street. I was confused, Never had a potentially attractable stranger walked away from me, I mean have you seen me?? (I know, even I feel my pride) Not to seem like a stalker but wanting to satisfy my curiosity as to where he was headed I turned back.

Said speci(man) parked not up to a mile away, he got out of his car and was on his phone for a short bit then out walks a lady, tall, slender and equally beautiful, they embraced warmly(my eyes literally wanted to fall off,of course he would be dating someone like her!!! even hotter than I was) he whispered something  very intimately and she laughed tilting her head back to reveal an equally nice looking neck, I felt the embers of my pride burn away very quickly.

I turned back really quickly, hoping to high heavens this experience had gone unnoticed by the specimen  and his even more specimen girlfriend.

I made a promise to myself that day that NEVER would I presume anything when it came to boy-girl interactions till i was sure and double sure.

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