Snitch NOT


Shepuya: Model for the day

Shepuya: Model for the day

Most Important Rule as a Sibling : SNITCH NOT!!

This lovely day after school, my brother and I were headed back home with nothing but our transport fare in my care, but then the collection of sweet at the mallam’s shop was so appealing we had to stop by to purchase a few.

I did this only because I cared deeply about the fast growing hunger that settled in my brother’s stomach at the time. Granted this shortened our Transport Money but can you blame a worried sister?

I called a bike and gave out our address to him, we haggled for the price and finally settled on a agreeable amount. Then I told him my predicament, how my little brother was hungry and I had no choice but to use part of our transport fare and so we were short on cash.

To my amazement, he agreed. And although he gave me a lecture about responsibility, he didn’t collect a dime from us…My luck was shinning.

My sister ran out to greet us at the gate (Of all the days this could happen??? she chose this 1 day??)

ME: what are you doing here?

SISTER: I just came to greet my brother and sister nau

IN MY HEAD: (at the gate?)

BIKE MAN: Aunty, abeg make una  dey give these children money to dey buy food for school so dey no go dey use transport money buy food.

IN MY HEAD: Digs hole and buries self in it for the next two generations.

Thankfully she didn’t argue with him, after gleaning the least bit of information from me she gave me the look  that said( mummy shall hear this)

I returned with the look (Please, I’ll do what you want, just don’t snitch on me). she looked at me for a while and then gave a look (which could mean several things) but I was hopeful.

Mummy Came back and she snitched on me…fully and truly with no regards for my immediate future with the cane.







It was only just…


Okanlawon: Model for the day

Okanlawon: Model for the day

I got on the train feeling like a superstar, Kingsman was an amazing movie and the friends I saw it with were even more amazing. The only exam I had to write was done and I felt on top of the world.

I took my spot beside some guy and I couldn’t help overhearing the music blasting from his beats by dre head phones. It was Nyanya’s Mr Oreo (nice) so I turned a little trying to see what he looked like, but he had on a hat and shades. All that as visible was his mouth.

I tapped him, then gave the thumbs up sign and tapped his headphones. He smiled a little and returned the thumbs up sign. As he turned back I caught a glimpse of his face.

I knew that face! All of Africa knew that face too. what was he doing on the train? My train? in a disguise? where was he going? was I being punked? did these people not know who they were with on the train? where were his people?

So I took a pen and paper and wrote “Hey, Bankole!” he turned to me instantly and gave me a silencing sign with his finger on his mouth. I wrote again “I’m sure you can tell that I can speak but decided to write.” He wrote back “Thank you for being discreet” I smiled and nodded twice.” You can not tell anybody about this okay?” I responded “That’s really hard but fine, I do have a blog where this meeting would be a great post.” “I’ll let you know when you can post it.”

we wrote some more till I was close to home “have fun at your sister’s my stop is next” ” that’s a shame, I enjoyed write/talking with you, can I get your number so maybe when next i’m in London we could hang out?”

“I’m gonna give it to you not because you are a celebrity but, because you are a cool random person +447xxxxxxxx” he looked out as the train was stopping, copied out my number and hurriedly wrote on the paper then looked at me and said “don’t read it till you get home.”

How exciting, this was actually happening to me and i was not in any movie!!. coming to London had finally paid off. Immediately I got home, I reached in my pocket for the paper,took two deep breaths to calm myself  and read the words boldly printed in capitals.“Wake Up”

I  did, in my bed, with the lyrics “it was only just a dream..” playing in my head.

The other day on the train…




Obinna: Model for the day.

Obinna: Model for the day.

Sad news: I got no replies for the love story,but the show must go on!

One of the first things I noticed in London is Public transport is indeed  “PUBLIC TRANSPORT” and anybody can do anything they want to with no care to your sensibilities.

After a grueling day at school, I had to run just to catch the underground train almost pushing the lady counting her footsteps in front of me but I made it and just barely too.

The train was filled as it was the rush hour, I could smell bodies and breaths that have no business outside a shower and some deep cleansing tooth paste, lets not even get started on the armpit raised above me.

I was in full distress mode and I didn’t think it could get worse…but it did! These two kids walk in at the next stop all smiley and giggly. I’m already Irritated owing to my lack of a significant other. The boy holds on to the pole i’m also holding on to and the girl holds on to the boy (I was filled with upset at this) the train buckles a bit and the girl runs into the boy but he grabs a hold of her before any damage is done. (much to my dismay)

Teenage Boy who should be focusing on school: “You better be happy I got you”

Teenage girl who wouldn’t try such display in Nigeria: “I knew you were gonna catch me”(So confident n his                                                                                    abilities when she should be facing Jesus to catch her)

Teenage Boy who should be focusing on school:  Says mundane stuff that didn’t make sense, even to me                                                                                     the new member of their relationship.

Teenage girl who wouldn’t try such display in Nigeria: Giggles like a drunk hyena “oh you…”

At this moment most eyes on the train are on me as this display unfolds under my nose,( and I mean that literally) because it would have been rude to stare directly at the couple as they got all snugly with one sizable nose touching the other nose. which could only mean one thing.

I yell in my head “No…Don’t Do it!!…Oh ma god” but they did it, they went full on make out session in front of me, clinging to each other. I couldn’t turn away, the train was too full, the kindle I was pretending to read was too small to shield my eyes from the onslaught. Luckily at the next few stops, the train got less packed and boy was I glad not to be staring directly into the face of “liplocking” teens  but, no one was safe as the free space just gave them more room for their ministrations. My eyes will never be more scandalized.(or so I thought but that’s another story)

It seems I wasn’t the only one with a problem as almost all the passengers ran for the exit immediately we heard “All change please, this train will now terminate here. Thank you.”

Happy Birthday Beautiful

Happy Birthday Beautiful





The Wait…


Model for my life: You already know

Model for my life: You already know


There were a few things I can say scared me while growing up but the one thing that had me tripping always was “The Cane”

The Day: Not sure (I’m not Mike Ross with  heightened photographic memory)

Age:  young and dumb enough to commit the crime (and get caught)

The Crime: Broke another plate

Punishment: A healthy dose of “Cane Therapy”

Cane misses: Possibility is strong

Additional Stroke: Dependent upon misses and certainly more than my body craves ( which by the                                             way would be none left to me.)

I had done it again,broken another plate and this time mum was home. So it wasn’t possible to just sweep the broken pieces before they were discovered (Mummy if you are reading this I never did that I think.)

When the question came “What was that?” I knew it was time to face the Grand Jury/Judge. My crime was reviewed and it was decided there would be punishment but just as I was about to go pluck my own cane from the bitter-leaf tree outside…I heard this “I’m going to the market”

My ooh so loving sister must have seen the look of pure Joy on my face because she decided to hit me with this ” you know when she comes back its going to be worse?” That girl!! I  thought, she had no chill whatsoever to even let me hope for the best.

So I spent the next few hours thinking up worst case scenarios(over-active imagination=hypertension) then I remembered Tochukwu told me if my eyelash fell it could be used to make a wish…so I set to plucking as many eyelashes as I could whilst Praying and wishing that my mum would forget her Initial Intent (Last time the eyelash theory was proven…i’m not sure)

“Mummy is back!!!!” I started to prepare myself as if for battle pacing and working on my game face “I was playing with you(Evil laugh)” if only daggers could be shot from my eyes my sister would have been crying in pain. I looked at the time and knew that play or not the time of reckoning was approaching .

she did get back not long after and I ran to help her with the grocery bags hoping that would earn me a pardon (In hindsight I should have noticed how tired she looked) I became the awesome daughter for a few more minutes trying to gauge where I stood with the Judge and much to my surprise and relief, I was Acquitted of all charges and free to go.

Hey guys so next week I would like to try something can send me what you think could pass as the end of we found love. You can either send me an Email or tag me in any picture you think describes what you feel.




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