Kids? I got this!!

Joshua: Model for the day/Musician

Joshua: Model for the day/Jack of a lot of trades

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Now…to the story of the day

I went to church on Sunday with only one thought in mind, get MY miracle. Because if we are honest, everyone needs a miracle.

It was my first time watching Pastor Adeboye LIVE ( well second time, if we count the time I was unconscious with sleep which I don’t.)  After watching Festival of life on friday, the UK equivalent of Holyghost Service, I was pumped.

All I needed to do was listen intently to the preaching and follow on with my prayers. The man of God came on stage and the congregation let out shouts and applause. Unfazed, he just went on with the word as he intended.

If you could equate how sharp my ears were, think in terms of a just sharpened spear but then, I realized there was some distortion in my hearing, shortly after I checked I zeroed in on the sources of the noise. Three little girls.

My cousin looked back to silence them which worked for about a minute and they were back to chit-chatting like no man’s business. Then I turned back and gave the “the look” (This look can be interpreted in many ways, for them it was SHUT UP!!!)

This occurred again, I nailed them with another be quiet look but the ring leader or them all was brave enough to give me a “Make me” look in return. I needed to switch tactics, the others may have been scared, but their leader certainly wasn’t so I approached them in a different manner.

I smiled (however forceful) “ Ladies could you please reduce your voices? You can talk just take it down a notch” they were happy or at least their leader seemed pleased enough with the arrangement, she gave her goons a nod of approval who in turn nodded to me.

I did have to remind them of our agreement once or twice but they were mostly good about it.

Then I thought, was this how I was to adults when I chatted away with my two best friends in church?

I sincerely hoped not.



Dapo : Model for the day/Writer.

Dapo : Model for the day/Writer.

Sitting for an exam is a two way street, you pass or you fail, either ways the choice is ultimately yours or maybe not.
MAS 211 Communication skills exam was the last paper for the semester, just like most students I was more excited and concerned with my travelling arrangements than the exam I had, it was a good thing the exam was scheduled for 2pm, so I had at least few hours to pack before I do the final revision.6:00am- I woke up for morning devotion
6:01am- I changed my mind and snoozed devotion
7:24am- I was folding my clothes into my box while snoozing devotion in my head
7:35am- Finished packing and decided to sleep for 25 minutes before devotion
8:17am- Something spectacular happened. My phone rang, someone from downstairs screamed my name, “DAPO!!!!”  I heard hurried movements from outside my room, if Boko Haram wasn’t invading the hostel then what could it be, as I struggled to detach my eyelids, someone from my window shouted our exam is 8am not 2pm. As I sprung up from my bed, the voice of Babs my roommate saying “BYE” was louder than the wait for me I said, intepretation, I was on my own.
I jumped into the first trouser that caught my eye, did all my buttons in an eye’s twinkle and was literally sliding down the stairs.

As late as I was, I dared not forget my exam clearance not after what I suffered 4 exam papers ago. As I stepped out of the hostel gate, I almost jumped in front of a oncoming bus with an FBI badge raised up and a gun chilling in my second hand, but nah, this wasn’t rush hour.. Hell yeah it was. Luckily for me, someone chartered a bus and had issues pulling the bus door, so I jumped in uninvited and helped them.
By the time I got to the exam venue, a lot of my course mates were standing outside  a lecture hall laughing and talking, so obviously it was all a prank, a lot of students cursed whoever started the prank while those of us that hadn’t brushed our teeth smiled and nodded in agreement.

She called me a what???


Femi: Model for the day

Femi:  Model for the week ( IT EXTRAORDINAIRE)

There are some moments where you think you hear something in reference to you but all you can think is what?????  Me?? No!!!! Who Me????

I’m getting all emotional and ahead of myself, let me just say what happened.

Its a lovely Saturday evening, winter is leaving us  and spring is here and the sun is actually starting to perform its task, I’m chilling with one of my best girls and we decide to hit up Primack for some purchasing before we head home. Now obviously its Saturday which means the whole mall is crawling full of people trying to get in and out of shops or just plain hanging out.

Just as I was getting into the shop, a buggy (baby stroller) hits my relatively new shoes but hey it happens right, then I hear the mom say sorry so I give a slight nod and try to get out of her way, as I do this, I look back so as to figure the exact direction which shes taking.

I’m feeling really good about myself at this point till I turn back to figure out where my friend is in the crowd and then I see the “Mom” and her friend giving me weird looks. I brush it off as weird London behavior but then I hear one of them say “STUPID BITCH” I’m like woah!!! are they talking to me? but they move off to do some shopping and I do the same but only after asking my friend if she heard anything or saw what happened to which she replied no.

The store was too full so we decided to come back some other time and we started walking back, I see “the mom” and her friend giving me death stares  and talking trash so I walk up to them and ask “are you talking to me?” I’m guessing they didn’t see this coming because they kind of started falling over each other trying to explain the situation by the door and from what I got they were pissed because they thought I gave the baby in the buggy a dirty look.

I had to let that sink in for a while before I responded to the friend “and then you called me a stupid bitch?” but apparently it was the mother who said this and she confessed to it, I looked at this averagely attractive mixed race lady and asked “why would I give your baby a dirty look? he’s a cute boy” ( and hand to chest he was, he was a cute mixed race baby with curly afro) then the friend is like “look you don’t know what its like okay, maybe when you have your baby and someone else gives them a dirty look…” apparently that was the instigator of the whole thing so I just faced the mother like “I didn’t give your child a dirty look, why would I?” she looked like she felt guilty/ embarrassed and I was happy.

Yappy mouth friend obviously wasn’t happy as she was still making some noise and then the mom goes “I apologize for that. I said thank you and left with my friend but as we walked out I felt like I heard “We are the champions my friends…” playing and not that I looked back but i’m pretty sure the backgroud music playing to the other ladies was “why you gotta be so ruuuuuuude…..”




Mariam: Model of the day

Mariam: Model of the day


I want to say as Africans we are averse to expressing emotion but then I won’t because I’m African and i’m not averse to expressing deep set emotion(To my family)

But I am fairly certain that at least 95% of our African dads respond with one of these to a vocal expression expression of “I LOVE YOU”

1) Non-committal Nod

2) Unidentifiable noise like (mmhmm)

3) Very awkward thank you

And for my personal favorite

4) The blank look which is followed by the raising of a newspaper to cover the face.

Being the overly emotional/expressive child that I am, I’ve received my share of unemotional responses to my blatant display of affection.

However I seem to remember 1 particular day, Easter day to be exact. I had just come home from CEM ( Children Evangelism Ministry) camp and I was serving food to my daddykins, then I asked if he missed me while I was away for the weekend, he didn’t answer but I wasn’t deterred. I asked again slightly rewording my sentence, still no response just the flick of the news paper changing pages.

That meant switching to another tactic for me, sitting beside him till he got too disturbed by my looming presence. Just about 20 seconds into staring at him for my answer he turned to me (probably wondering where I got all my energy), dropped the news paper and said “24/7-365”

My thirteen (I think) year old brain didn’t understand what that meant, so I walked away thinking he was trying to trick me into solving a word problem ( which I absolutely hated!!)

The matter was of course reported to my awesome mother in defiance but she just smiled at me, knowing I had just literally hit a jackpot!

And today, thinking about how I won’t be chilling with my immediate family this Easter, I cant help but smile at how that memory warms me up.