Dapo : Model for the day/Writer.

Dapo : Model for the day/Writer.

Sitting for an exam is a two way street, you pass or you fail, either ways the choice is ultimately yours or maybe not.
MAS 211 Communication skills exam was the last paper for the semester, just like most students I was more excited and concerned with my travelling arrangements than the exam I had, it was a good thing the exam was scheduled for 2pm, so I had at least few hours to pack before I do the final revision.6:00am- I woke up for morning devotion
6:01am- I changed my mind and snoozed devotion
7:24am- I was folding my clothes into my box while snoozing devotion in my head
7:35am- Finished packing and decided to sleep for 25 minutes before devotion
8:17am- Something spectacular happened. My phone rang, someone from downstairs screamed my name, “DAPO!!!!”  I heard hurried movements from outside my room, if Boko Haram wasn’t invading the hostel then what could it be, as I struggled to detach my eyelids, someone from my window shouted our exam is 8am not 2pm. As I sprung up from my bed, the voice of Babs my roommate saying “BYE” was louder than the wait for me I said, intepretation, I was on my own.
I jumped into the first trouser that caught my eye, did all my buttons in an eye’s twinkle and was literally sliding down the stairs.

As late as I was, I dared not forget my exam clearance not after what I suffered 4 exam papers ago. As I stepped out of the hostel gate, I almost jumped in front of a oncoming bus with an FBI badge raised up and a gun chilling in my second hand, but nah, this wasn’t rush hour.. Hell yeah it was. Luckily for me, someone chartered a bus and had issues pulling the bus door, so I jumped in uninvited and helped them.
By the time I got to the exam venue, a lot of my course mates were standing outside  a lecture hall laughing and talking, so obviously it was all a prank, a lot of students cursed whoever started the prank while those of us that hadn’t brushed our teeth smiled and nodded in agreement.

One comment

  1. Muyiwa Oduniyi · April 18, 2015

    LOL@ Nodding and smiling in agreement. That awkward moment when you are aware of a situation that if noticed could become very embarrassing to you.

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