The baby situation!!

Foladele: Model of the day / Tv journalist!!

Foladele: Model of the day / Tv jourealist! !!

I’m pregnant, I told my  best friend whom I was sitting beside Just as evening service was brought to a close then I buried my head in my hands and sobbed.

He looked at me for at least 3 minutes then tried to get his composure to have a decent conversation about it.

We waited for church to clear out as he held my hands. Once the crowd had thinned, he took me into a hug and listened to me bumble and cry about the injustice of the world cos I did it just once.

“Ssshhh” He kept whispering as he patted my head. Then he asked “Is it for Ar…” I looked up at him with dismayed eyes “Yes!! My mum will be so disappointed ” I repeated this like a million times but he just held me and said “maybe but she’s your mum, you have to tell her”

And then in walks our other friend “What’s going on?” He asked as he took in my snot covered face and tear streaked eyes. We both looked at him for a while, me not knowing if I wanted to share my news with him and my best friend waiting for me to make a decision on if I wanted him to know.

I nodded once to my best friend and he told the new comer what had happened.

The first words he said to me were “oh, well we are gonna have to get rid of it!”

My shock was evident on my face “What! I’m not getting an abortion, i’m a christian and it’s a sin” then he gives me the look that says “ok but you weren’t a christian when you were getting jiggy with it??”

Being an aspiring doctor he began to rattle off a few remedies to help my situation then he took my hand “look, you are just in 100 level and you have your whole life ahead of you so just think about this…”

I cut him short, there was no telling what I was thinking so I hugged my two friends for their support,  leaned in close and whispered “April Fools”

Their reactions, priceless.


Victor did it!!!

Model of the day:Tinuke Akande

Model of the day:Tinuke Akande

This was written by a wonderful friend of mine Shepuya Famwang…Enjoy

It was a warm sunny day (it really was), and it was the day I had decided I would do it (it being whatever meaning you ascribe to “it”).

It was few days before the gubernatorial elections and I had decided that I would do something crazy in remembrance of the season. With bag in hand I trudged off to go get it done. It was really sunny but I wouldn’t be deterred by nature. Off to Victor’s!

At Victor’s I found he was busy with another lady, taking his time doing what he loves most. I waited and waited and waited and waited (for almost 2 hours) and he wasn’t done with her. I even decided to go to a book shop I had seen on my way. I walked there and settled for a mini dictionary. I got back and he was still on the woman’s matter. Again I wasn’t discouraged. To a person reasoning well it was a clear cut sign from God, but as stubborn as I am I refused to return home. Heck I had taken precautions, necessary steps to prevent me from having cold feet. So I sat there and waited for over an hour.

Just as the clouds got dark and it began to drizzle lightly, she came out with a satisfied glow and a smile on her face and I knew I had come to the right place.

The clouds flashed and clapped thunderously a few times as I sat and he covered me. He seemed a bit relunctanct and tried to talk me out of it. Obviously he didn’t know me, once my mind is made up only God can change it! He started his thing and I closed my eyes to enjoy the buzz. But I wasn’t quite satisfied. So I asked him “Why are you doing as if you are afraid? Do it well now!”

He shrugged, and took off the only thing protecting me. I closed my eyes and tried to enjoy the electrifying ecstatic buzz as the clipper moved at the back and sides of my head. Afterwards, the sight I beheld in the mirror has forever been ingrained in my memory; the part called Those Moments or Looks you never forget.

The fiend had shaved off all of the hair in those areas. I was left with something trying so hard to look like a punk it just couldn’t.  We washed it and reduced the front some more so that the “lowness” at the back wouldn’t be so obvious. But it was, I could tell by the weird looks I got from all and sundry as I moved within Rayfield on that cold evening. Someone very dear even asked that I should be prayed for because I had backsliden (no jokes: like I would intentionally want to look like a man).

Suffice it to say that I will never forget Victor and the evil he wrought on my lovely hair. Luckily I’m in Jos and the weather here does great things to my hair so its growing like nothing happened. Take that Victor!

Mummy He broke my heart.

Osho Oluwaseun:Model of the day

Osho Oluwaseun:Model of the day

I believe everyone remembers their first heartbreak somehow,  the intensity of knowing someone isn’t yours to care for or about anymore.

All of a sudden, you become strangers and you can’t do anything to stop the distance that grows between you.

Mine was pretty much the same, Luke. So different, so sure of himself, didn’t need a pack of friends but was so bad ass he attracted people to him anyways.

Ours was destined to be a short lived romance but my little heart didn’t understand why. Two people who like each other surely have to be together, right?

I won’t bash his name for fear of a defamation of character lawsuit but the way things ended was not good enough for me. The worst part I think was moving on to another girl so soon, even if we both knew she was pure EVIL!!!

I wished my mummy would kiss my heart and make it better somehow, it always seemed to work when granny did it on my wounded body parts.

But I guess that’s what happens when you fall for the wrong person like Luke the blue ranger in Power Rangers time force.


Where did he go?

Model of the day: Arinola,Godly woman,heart of gold.

Model of the day: Arinola,Godly woman,heart of gold.

First I’d like to thank to everyone who asked after a post last week, I’m sorry there was no post and I’ve got my laptop fixed so here’s your fix *wink*

And as an added bonus, here’s something I worked on, actually played with, I hope you enjoy it.


Of all my time in school, there was one lecturer who never ceased to amaze me. He was very well read and for all his faults, he wasn’t an arrogant man, no…he was proud. proud of his accomplishments as a reporter and a lecturer. he’d often tell us about his time reporting from the white house in washington.

He usually was perched at the end of one of the tables on the front row when speaking to us and so he did this fateful day, he was just about to dismiss us when there was a racket in the middle of the class, He jumped down from where he was seated at the front and walked to where it was about to go down shouting  “Hey!!!” Continuously.

when he got closer, he tried to get the aggressive boy to calm down and to our amazement, the young man walked away.

You could see at this point the relief written all over his face till he heard screaming girls and looked towards the door. The young man who he “supposedly” spoke to was back with a sizable peice of wood, (you could call it a plank if you wanted)

Knowing how fragile my head was, I immediately ran for cover but was too gist thirsty to leave the class but what I didn’t expect was how in a space of a few seconds my lecturer was gone.

He moved so quickly, he could have easily been “The flash” I had to ask “where did he go?”