Where did he go?

Model of the day: Arinola,Godly woman,heart of gold.

Model of the day: Arinola,Godly woman,heart of gold.

First I’d like to thank to everyone who asked after a post last week, I’m sorry there was no post and I’ve got my laptop fixed so here’s your fix *wink*

And as an added bonus, here’s something I worked on, actually played with, I hope you enjoy it.


Of all my time in school, there was one lecturer who never ceased to amaze me. He was very well read and for all his faults, he wasn’t an arrogant man, no…he was proud. proud of his accomplishments as a reporter and a lecturer. he’d often tell us about his time reporting from the white house in washington.

He usually was perched at the end of one of the tables on the front row when speaking to us and so he did this fateful day, he was just about to dismiss us when there was a racket in the middle of the class, He jumped down from where he was seated at the front and walked to where it was about to go down shouting  “Hey!!!” Continuously.

when he got closer, he tried to get the aggressive boy to calm down and to our amazement, the young man walked away.

You could see at this point the relief written all over his face till he heard screaming girls and looked towards the door. The young man who he “supposedly” spoke to was back with a sizable peice of wood, (you could call it a plank if you wanted)

Knowing how fragile my head was, I immediately ran for cover but was too gist thirsty to leave the class but what I didn’t expect was how in a space of a few seconds my lecturer was gone.

He moved so quickly, he could have easily been “The flash” I had to ask “where did he go?”



  1. Seyi · May 14, 2015

    Downtown Washington DC!
    I just knew it was him from the very beginning.

  2. Tinu · May 23, 2015

    Haha. This is Smiggle! Oh, how I miss that man calling me “Isanlu Junior”.

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