Where are my shoes?


First I would like to proffer my apology on the lateness of this post. Had a serious dose of writers block/ in-satisfaction. This one is dedicated to my brother, Happy Birthday in arrears to you Okanlawon and its only befitting I share a story about you.

The saying, what goes around comes back around never really stood out for me  in the first few years of my childhood, I was rude, spoilt and had an attitude problem. I got my sister in trouble just for the heck of it and felt no remorse for my actions (I was a terrible sibling)

Then all of a sudden my brother was getting me in trouble, and the worse part was his smiling face when “The parents” reprimanded me. it was unbelievable, I was being served my own medicine.

A distinct time was a clear sunday night, when he did something to me (for the life of me I cant remember what) but being the fast hand I was, I immediately gave him a good smack on the back of his head.

He didn’t budge, didn’t say anything,didn’t even try to tell on me to our parents, He just smiled and walked away( did I find this disturbing? Yes! did I then do anything about it? No!) it was my belief that once he slept for a few hours, he’d be over it (boy was I wrong).

Monday morning, and we were all getting ready to make the 7:30 mark. I got dressed but realized I was missing something, my school approved brown sandals,looking everywhere for it is an understatement as I searched high and low, then I stopped to think of where I may have put it and then I saw his face, smiling with an evil smirk that basically said “You’d never find where I hid them”

So I decided, I won’t let him get me late so I gave a little chic touch to my brown and cream uniform by pairing it with my Tres Chic pink sandals ( the next best thing I had) was I laughed at by my sister? Yes!! did I care?? No!!

I was going to rock my shoes with pride,provided the teachers didn’t see it and as it was just my lucky day that day…Mr Roland ( the mean, bad ass teacher) was on duty and yep he saw the shoes.

Maybe he was jealous or something as I decided to brighten the school Uniform but he ceased them from me and yours truly had to walk around school in her white socks looking like …

Anyways I got back home and there my original sandals were,placed where I had previously put them and my brother, he had on the most amazing smile that said “don’t try me again”

being me…you know I did


Letter to a Fallen Stunner : Glory

Glory Wamyil: Forever in our hearts💜❤💔

Glory Wamyil: Forever in our hearts💜❤💔

Dear Glory.

It’s always a pleasure talking to you, I just never thought this would be the circumstances we’d find ourselves in.

It hard accepting that you are gone, but I guess I have to. I’m not one who’s known much grief so this hurt, this pain it’s foreign and driving me crazy.

I don’t want to play the game of do you remember but my brain keeps feeding me information about you       ( which just hurts the more) and the one that stands out is chatting with you on the 22nd of September last year at about 2:10 just as I boarded the plane, you made so much fun of me, I forgot I was going to start over somewhere else.

I don’t know how to stop the tears but i’m hoping i’ll find that answer soon (my head is beginning to hurt)

Glory you know how we all laugh at what Adaora said that one time about how “her heart has divided”?

Well I feel it!! My heart feels like it’s been literally ripped out of my chest. My only thought is if I feel this badly then how about your family?

We are not to ask questions like “why her lord?”so I won’t instead my prayer is for everyone in grief, using your family as a point of contact to be comforted.

When we named ourselves 107 stunners we didn’t consider a departure like yours. We just expected that everyone would turn out for every re-union.

I didn’t say this enough to you but I did love you, still do and forever will.

Rest In peace Beautiful, you will never be forgotten  ❤💜💔