Where are my shoes?


First I would like to proffer my apology on the lateness of this post. Had a serious dose of writers block/ in-satisfaction. This one is dedicated to my brother, Happy Birthday in arrears to you Okanlawon and its only befitting I share a story about you.

The saying, what goes around comes back around never really stood out for me  in the first few years of my childhood, I was rude, spoilt and had an attitude problem. I got my sister in trouble just for the heck of it and felt no remorse for my actions (I was a terrible sibling)

Then all of a sudden my brother was getting me in trouble, and the worse part was his smiling face when “The parents” reprimanded me. it was unbelievable, I was being served my own medicine.

A distinct time was a clear sunday night, when he did something to me (for the life of me I cant remember what) but being the fast hand I was, I immediately gave him a good smack on the back of his head.

He didn’t budge, didn’t say anything,didn’t even try to tell on me to our parents, He just smiled and walked away( did I find this disturbing? Yes! did I then do anything about it? No!) it was my belief that once he slept for a few hours, he’d be over it (boy was I wrong).

Monday morning, and we were all getting ready to make the 7:30 mark. I got dressed but realized I was missing something, my school approved brown sandals,looking everywhere for it is an understatement as I searched high and low, then I stopped to think of where I may have put it and then I saw his face, smiling with an evil smirk that basically said “You’d never find where I hid them”

So I decided, I won’t let him get me late so I gave a little chic touch to my brown and cream uniform by pairing it with my Tres Chic pink sandals ( the next best thing I had) was I laughed at by my sister? Yes!! did I care?? No!!

I was going to rock my shoes with pride,provided the teachers didn’t see it and as it was just my lucky day that day…Mr Roland ( the mean, bad ass teacher) was on duty and yep he saw the shoes.

Maybe he was jealous or something as I decided to brighten the school Uniform but he ceased them from me and yours truly had to walk around school in her white socks looking like …

Anyways I got back home and there my original sandals were,placed where I had previously put them and my brother, he had on the most amazing smile that said “don’t try me again”

being me…you know I did



  1. Ella Togun · June 12, 2015

    LMAO….. Bobo was such a mean asss
    Happy birthday our little bro

  2. Itunu · June 14, 2015

    Lol…..Interesting….Hi five girl buh ur Bro knews d best way 2 treat ur f# up

  3. Itunu · June 14, 2015

    Lol…..Interesting….Hi five girl buh ur Bro knows d best way 2 treat ur f# up

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