Maybe Fairy tale : the official D.I.D

Hi guys, thank you so much for your patience with me as regards my break with the blog, but i’m back now and hopefully there won’t be any breaks for a while. 😉

Model of the Day: Simi Pam

Model of the Day: Simi Pam (D.I.D for the day)

D.I.D = Damsel in distress

I heard that every damsel needs a knight in shining armour, I guess they were right.

Typically I am not a light traveller but this day, I was particularly carrying a lot!

1 school bag

1 hand bag

2 carry on like bags

1 extra bag(ish) and they were all pretty heavy.

I was off to Newcastle and I was already dreading the change of trains to take me to kings cross for my journey up north.

I had so much and it was all I could do not to scream, I decided to stay positive as me cursing out my bags was going to make no difference to the carrying of the load but my brooding thoughts continued and only the sound of the stopping train brought me back to reality and then the voice on the speaker goes “while leaving the train, please make sure to take all your belongings with you” I was irritated so say the least but positive attitude was my mantra.

So I finally found a way to heave all the bags unto my being and just as I’m walking out, I get hooked my a small pole and one bag falls, at this point I’m thinking to myself “Really Universe?? this how you treat a wonderful person like me?” and I burst out laughing at the ridiculousness of it all

As all of this is happening, I notice someone moving from outside the train towards me

“Do you need help with your bags?”  He’s African but not West African, he’s probably from Zimbabwe or one of those east African countries is the first thing that pops into my mind and I don’t know why.  I pretended to think about the offer but I was just being a typical girl and in any case who was I kidding? I needed the help badly, so I let him have a bag,actually two :).

Lucky me, we were going the same direction almost, turns out he’s Zambian so I wasn’t so far off (patting my shoulder for an African well spotted) anyways as we approached my stop, this gentleman offers to  get off with me so he can carry my bags to the station itself and now I’m flustered not knowing what to make of this development and so I agree because it was the smart thing to do in my position but he didn’t stop there no…after engaging me in some light conversation he found out I was going to wait an hour for my train to Newcastle and so he goes

“do you mind if I keep you company while you wait for your train?” of course I try to dissuade him just to see how much he wants to spend time with me 😉 I assume it’s a girly thing anyways it turns out he really wants to chat with me as we talk for about an hour till my train is called but I did find out that we had basically been missing each other and probably should have met months ago.

Hey did I mention he was on his way back from the gym? (Hunk Alert!!)  So said hunk still carries my bags to the point where he can’t cross because he hasn’t got a ticket and after saying thank you, it doesn’t feel enough so I lean in and give him a kiss on his cheek as it seemed the Lady-like thing to do and then I walked away feeling on top of the world as I had just  confirmed that chivalry is not dead and there are still a few gentlemen left in the world.

yaaay us Ladies.



  1. Olasode Paul · July 16, 2015

    Welcome back kike….
    Nice stuff.. Eku ise…

  2. Obinna · July 16, 2015

    Best way to start a rollercoaster of a day. I love this piece!!!!!

  3. Kikelomo Togun · July 16, 2015

    Lmao! Glad to be of help to you.

  4. Seyi · July 17, 2015

    Kike! Really!??😒😒😒
    We need updates please and welcome back!

  5. Kikelomo Togun · July 17, 2015

    Hit me up privately for updates 😉 😉

  6. Jue.. · July 17, 2015

    awww my baby’s blog is back.. nicely done again.

  7. Dapo · July 18, 2015

    When you travel with that much load, someone has to help you. Nice piece as usual

  8. Kikelomo Togun · July 18, 2015

    Thanks hun 🙂 both of you.

  9. Itunu Salami · July 31, 2015

    Hmm…..😊 Interesting.

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