Model of the week : The main, the greatest, the one, the only Papa T

Model of the week : The main, the greatest, the one, the only Papa T

Being a few thousand miles from home has made me realize how much it means to be a part of a family .

I remember when I couldn’t wait to get out of the house and now that i’m out, I miss it all. From making my mum and dad mad to sporadically jumping on them like a kangaroo. I even miss being called a kangaroo and half watching “football” with the family listening to dad shout at the Tv and last but certainly not least, I miss watching evening  shows with my mum and then personally entertaining her with my dancing to advert songs once they come on (Honeywell wheat meal was my favourite, it had its own dance incorporated😆😆😆) Oh and did I mention the hugs? forced or not, it was good stuff!!

Anyways this most darling friend of mine Seun Osho, master of words that he is, put together a poetic article on this very subject. Enjoy!

Family is the strongest bond known to man.

The religious call their God or god as the case maybe father, and one another brothers and sisters.

Friends endear themselves to one another by calling each other by family titles.

It’s human nature to identify the ones we proclaim love for with family titles like a sibling or cousin or father or mother.

Some have bastardised and casualised these titles, but that cannot degrade it’s meaning to those who realize what a wonderful thing it is to be loved as family.

The ones we truly love, we treat with affection and give our time and resources without hesitation because their comfort is important to us. We strive to understand them and work as hard as we can to overcome our shortcomings for their sake. We are concerned with their well being and listen to them, not just hear what they say. You don’t compare them to anyone or anything else because there is nothing and no one like the one you love.

Over time, if one doesn’t take time to appreciate all the good qualities that caused the love to blossom in the first place from time to time, we will lose sight of that love and we will not appreciate what has been set before us as a blessing, and like all unappreciated blessings, regrets will follow.

In love there is no dictatorship, there is no self, there is no tomorrow, there is no yesterday, there is only that person or people, and there is only this moment.

This moment in which you want to shower them with all the love in your heart because they matter more than everything else and now is all you have because you don’t know what’ll happen next.

But you definitely know what you want to remember and how you want to be remembered.

Don’t take family for granted.

Don’t forget where your true love should lie.

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Every man for himself

Yomi: the coolest dude you'll ever meet/ amazing Business Man

Yomi: the coolest dude you’ll ever meet/ amazing Business Man

Welcome back to “Mydetoxify” I had a slight problem last week which lead to the No post but its all good now.

For today’s post I had initially planned to rant and rave about the injustice of the Job hunt process but a very good friend of mine Wuyi Ayano wrote this piece that summed up a lot I thought. ENJOY!!

It had been 3 months after my NYSC  when the reality of  getting  a job hit me and the worst part is how people who consider you for a job insinuate that ‘you need experience to gain experience’.

I was fed up because I never thought it will be this difficult considering the connections I assumed I had made. It was at the peak of my struggle that I came to the totally cliche conclusion that NOBODY REALLY CARES.

After a review of my situation ,I summoned my friends from school for what most people call a “re-union”; at least we were all job hunting and well, maybe we could help each other out. Apparently we all had connections we thought would be active by now, but after a long day between chats, laughs and thoughtful moments, we came to the same conclusion “NOBODY REALLY CARES”and decided to work together to make our parents proud as that is the aim of every child (I’m assuming).

It was mainly about applying for jobs, going for interviews, making relevant calls, getting small jobs and flexing (at least YOLO). I was the first to get a job based on a contract from my former Place of Primary Assignment (NYSC) and so I brought my friends in. We did the job and shared the pay equally. I had 3 more jobs from the same office and it was pretty amazing because we were back together having fun and never going broke (the good life don’t you agree?). This was already about 6months after my NYSC.

My friends were the kind of people I trusted fully considering the fact that we have been pretty close for over 5 years and so there was this level of trust I assumed we all had for each other.

It was a week after I got a call from my brother who had gotten a job for me in another state, which I turned down because he couldn’t get slots for my friends that I found out that two of my guys were already processing a job at the marine institute. Woow!

This broke me so bad I could think of nothing but what my brother said; ‘you better let go of your friends and stay sharp’, and how I turned that statement down.

I couldn’t bare the sight of them as anger and disappointment raged within me, fighting to be let loose upon the subjects in question. Thoughts of how stupidly carried away I had become, how I had wasted time, money and opportunities circled my brain and worse would be the look on my brother’s face when I tell him; “I told you so…” will be written all over his features. As a matter of fact my melancholic self had described my actions as fetching water from the well and pouring it into an ocean.

I was all cold and silent for about 2 days as they kept on asking what was wrong with me. Responses from my mouth never matched my thoughts and facial expressions as I was replying with statements like ‘I am fine, I no just dey feel myself’ but my those statements never worked simultaneously with my actions.

Before nightfall that same day, I had decided never to talk about it and to travel home the next day, when I suddenly changed my mind deciding to have it out before leaving. So I called them and told them I knew about the marine job and it was not fair that I wasn’t told. The first person’s response was more like a sincere apology; ‘no vex, I think say I tell you’ and the second guy continued with a statement that nailed everything; ‘everyman for himself o’.

Then my incomplete smile reminded me of the fact that NOBODY REALLY CARES and my so-called-friends were not an exception. This was my worse experience in life so far  but my brain made a registration that day…c’est la vie!