An act of kindness


Hi Guys, so I know I haven’t written for a while and honestly its a combination of reasons, my laptop was very virus infected my track pad stopped functioning (that’ll teach me to download stuff) then my phone screen broke and my writing juices kind of just dried up. Anyways…. all that is past and I believe i’m back so Enjoy!


Humans, the most complicated set of animals created to grace the planet earth.

You see, as a human being myself, I have tried for sometime to understand the concept that drives us and basically pushes us to do certain things but well I haven’t really completed my research (which reminds me I should get to it) rest assured that when I do, you’ll be the first to know.

Arriving in London, I was told explicitly that people in London were rude, inconsiderate and unkind towards their fellow beings and I though surely, its all just a misunderstanding; I mean how bad can they be?

Then my wallet was stolen from my bag while I was on the train and before you Judge me on how careless I must have been, the train was super duper tight because EVERYBODY was going to work, or school or just out, trains in London by 8:30-10 are as packed as a stadium.

After this incident, I became a little cynic too, nobody but me was my business and I intended to live that way till  one particular night after a long day of editing. I was about to get my train when I remembered I hadn’t bought my ticket for travel. so I went to the machines about to get a ticket when a lady walked up to me and tapped me

“do you want to get a travel ticket?” she said and me, obviously very suspicious went  “uhuhn” I mean can you not see me in the from of the machine punching stuff in? and she replies

” well there’s no need for that, here’s my last stop and I’ve got a ticket for the rest of the day, you are welcome to use it if you want.”

You betcha I took it, saved myself some 4 pounds that night and felt really grateful for her kindness and so I decided that day that I was going to pay it forward.

My point is this, an act of kindness goes a long way. do something that’ll make someone smile before the end of this week.