Lets talk about sex

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I have come to a point of maturity in my life where I have realized that

  • Not everyone shares the same opinion as I do. (I have accepted this)
  • Not everyone believes what I do. (I have accepted this)
  • Not everyone understands things the way I do. (I have accepted this)
  • Not everyone will respect my decisions (it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t respect their decisions)

That being said, from a very rudimentary research, I have learnt that I can change nobody without their permission!

No single person can effect change where the recipient isn’t at least a tinsy bit open to that change.

I promise I didn’t intend to get all philosophical but here is my problem, people trying  to force their belief down everybody’s throat

Now sex is a minor thing to a majority of people, and a major thing to a minority of people, so  when certain people who are sexually active hear about someone who is either a virgin or is abstaining from sex, it turns into mockery it upsets me.

This is upsetting because if you have been accepted by society and friends just you as you are, without poking fun at your sex life nor making derogatory statements to make you feel less than you are, why then would you make fun and belittle a decision for celibacy? Why be a nuisance to the society?

Its like saying its ok to call all sexually active people loose or (inserts derogatory name) in exchange for mockingly calling a celibate person “the virgin mary”.

Now, I’m going to do a little focusing on the ladies because I understand better what goes on for us (not belittling the gentlemen)

Single young men, if you spark an interest with a lady and she opens up to you, informs you of her decision for celibacy and you cannot handle it. Please walk away that moment!

Do not let her get emotionally invested and then you turn around and say the relationship is not working for you because she won’t put out. If celibacy is not your cup of tea, tell her and end things before they even begin.

And on the other note, please don’t dangle the hope of a sexual relationship to someone if this is not what you want. Let your partner know early on what your relationship is about.

It is my belief that a major percentage of people who have made decisions to stay celibate have gotten the short end of the stick as they are mostly pressured by their partners to either change their minds or compromise in a way.

If a person has been celibate for say 5 years, why would you want to change that for your 2 month relationship that you can’t really see a future for?

In simple terms, if can’t take the heat? Get out of the kitchen!

This has been brought to you by a slightly disgruntled female. Thank you for your time.

NB: Kudos to those who have decided to go the celibacy route in respect to their partners.