Who is a Christian today?

A Christian today is a being that goes to church, ticks the Christianity religion on forms and profess to know God and maybe Jesus too.

Who is a Christian meant to be?

A person of immense faith and strong standing in Christ, equipped with the whole armour of God and the shining light of the bible as their guide. They are people who have received the power of the Holyspirit within them and manifest the glory of God wherever they walk.

A song comes to mind “Everywhere he went, he was doing good…almighty healer, he healed the leper, when the people saw him…they started walking, everywhere he went, my lord was doing good”

If we are in fact Christians and in fact like Christ then why aren’t we doing good like Jesus? Everywhere we walk we should be doing good in miracles and more.

Since we have received the power to do much more as Jesus said in John 14 vs 12.why are we slacking? What are we waiting for? Isn’t it time for every Christian to start working signs and wonders?

Are we sleeping Christians or have we woken up from our slumber? One thing is for sure, I am up!

Convo between my mum and I

ME: ( after talking to my mum about chapter 2 of Todd Bentley’s “Reality of the supernatural world”)

Mummy I want to see Jesus

MUM: aah, wait oh, don’t be read to see Jesus yet.

ME:    I don’t have to die to see Jesus, he can reveal himself to me here on earth.

MUM:  ooh, ok. If that’s what you mean then you have to sacrifice a lot.

Are we ready to sacrifice things of this world to attain a beautiful relationship with our maker?

Just something to think about.





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