david love

I once heard a song that said “ everybody wants to love, everybody wants to be loved ”

These lyrics, although circular have some truth ringing in them. Everybody does want love, as humans we have an inate desire to be loved by those around us; our families, our friends, our peers and for some of us, by Jesus, the Holy spirit and God the father.

However my question to you today is this…are you “Loveble”??

You want someone to love you without holds and without barriers but how lovable are you as a person? How lovable is your personality? Are you simply a dull cloud that dampens spirits? Are you a bitter soul? Are you an angry beaver? Always finding something to get upset about. Are you a pessimistic person who will always view the world from a disappointing point of view.

Are you a negative person who has just negativity to spread, are you the selfish person who only cares what they can get from others without a care for them, are you the gossiper? Are you the nasty one? Are you the unrepentant who finds it hard to apologize for your wrongdoings? Are you the emotionally and spiritually bankrupt? Are you the ambitionless one?

I believe it has come to the time where we each evaluate ourselves and tabulate our strengths and weaknesses and as we boost our strengths, we work tirelessly to change our weaknesses to strengths or cut them off completely.

In as much as the greatest of all instructions given to us is LOVE, we owe it to ourselves to not make our neighbours sin through our unlovable behaviour(s)

So today ask yourself, for as much as I want someone or people to love me, am I helping them love me?


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