Just Poems


I just felt like this in my heart, I hope someone can relate to these poems

God is great

I’m thinking God is great

I’m feeling God is great,

I’m knowing God is great

Surely God is great.


There must be other things to talk about you say

Other than the greatness of God

Other songs to sing about you say again


The angels in heaven have sang the same song

In generations past and to come.

Surely Gods greatness is big enough to span a lifetime.


Simply thinking on it make me smile

Just 1 thought generates a multitude of emotions

I’m thinking God is great,

I can see that God is great.



On to the Next

PhotoGrid_1445518208014 (1)

My God my great help.

My Alpha my Almighty,

Calling your name gives me peace,

Calling your name tastes like sweets,

Not just one flavour,

But a barrage of flavours all mixed in one.


It’s astonishing to say the least

How I have come to this point,

A point where I hunger for you,

And I feel that hunger in my spirit,

I never actually understood David’s psalm,

Of the deer that thirsts for water,

Now I do.


I thirst for you

I thirst for your living water,

I thirst for your living power,

I thirst for your mighty strength.

I thirst to the point oh hunger

And even as you fill me with your words

I know there’s space for more.


More of you, More of you

Jesus, More of you.



Kikelomo Togun



  1. 1kayaker · June 22, 2016


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