“For many are called but few are chosen.”

Matt 22:14

Son of man, for what reason is it that you have been deceived to believe you cannot be one of the chosen of God? Are you a human? Are you alive? Then please note that you are certainly in line to be called and maybe someday chosen that’s if you haven’t already been.

I heard something yesterday that a popular man of God says and it made me realise things; first let me share his words “God does not call the Qualified, He qualifies the Called”

  • This made me remember Paul. This young man tore through the Christians of those days with persecution and even admitted to being there while Stephen was being killed, yet once God took over his life with THE CALL he spread the gospel like wildfire around the world, wrote a good number of books in the New Testaments and shared earth shattering knowledge that till today every Christian uses as nuggets of survival. Paul through the help of the Holyspirit has literally touched every Christian today as he was CHOSEN to do. Don’t believe me? who do you think wrote “The Grace”
  • DAVID, oh the young boy who was sent to tend sheep and cattle (rumoured to be an Illegitimate son of Jesse: I can’t confirm or Deny) he was so lowly in his family that when Samuel called for all of Jesse’s sons he was entirely forgotten. However, God had a made THE CALL for David and all his brothers stood awaiting as he was fetched (imagine if the place he was, was about an hour and a half away) and after he was called in, he was CHOSEN and anointed King of Israel over Saul. King David is described today as a man after God’s own heart. He was inspired by the Holyspirit to write several psalms, he was a poet, he was a musician. No king in Israel was ever like him. For his sake God made sure Jesus came from his line.

I’ll stop with the examples for now. Paul was the worst sinner yet became a most powerful man in Christ. Do you think because you have sinned that God can’t choose you? Was Hosea’s wife Gomer not a prostitute? Was she the only prostitute in her town? No amount of sin should hinder you!

Once you know you have stepped out of God’s grace it is your duty to run right back! No delays to God. The presence of sin in your life does not mark the absence of God’s love for you, it just marks the absence of his fellowship with you which can be recovered through repentance.

When God decides to CALL and CHOOSE you, it doesn’t matter that you were molested, in fact he wants to use you and your story to save others from this, when God CALLS and CHOOSES you it doesn’t matter that you are afraid, or that you have low self-esteem or that your mum is the 7th wife or that you are simply not ready for a relationship with God.

When God CALLS and CHOOSES you, he qualifies you by putting you through his own school, David was anointed to be king in his teen years but did not become king till he was in his 30s, when Saul became Paul he had to go through some life changes before he became the instrument in Gods hand that we know him for today.

So there’s no need to despair, your CALL and CHOOSING is specifically allotted to you. God sees all, and he knows all.


No longer myself


To me the concept of total surrender and submission is a bit…foreign, as I assume it is for many others to.
I want to be in control of my everything at every time, why do I have to give up myself, my own well gleaned knowledge and even more my personal experiences? I have learnt a lot with those two and they have both got me to where I am now.
1st Corinthians 2:17
But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.

We can be so hard of heart as humans, holding on to our foolishness as wisdom. We hold on to past experiences and values and knowledge even after our renewal in Christ.
How can he fill you up where you haven’t made room for him? It’s not enough to say you have turned your life over to God but you are still doing the same things you did, living the same way, saying the same things. There needs to be evidence of a switch.
Don’t know what to do after you’ve been saved? It’s easy really, allow the Holyspirit take over.
I mean position yourself to start receiving from him. How? You say, study your bible constantly and ask that he joins you, pray as often as possible, speaking directly to him, ask for his words to fill your mouth and his instruction to guide you.
People need to see and feel the difference in you after Christ, you need to see and feel the difference in you after Christ.

It’s not easy. Not one bit, because you have to unlearn all you know and rely solely on the wisdom and directions  that you are given by the Holyspirit.
How can I submit you say? Purposely empty yourself of self and allow the wonder working power (God*wink wink*) do his thing with you.
Growing in Christ is a process, that’s why its called growing, nobody gets it right in one try, however they trick is to keep moving.

Song of an Addict

Baby girl

I’m addicted to sin

There’s no better way to say it

There’s no safer way to put it

Slave to my lust and desires

Trapped by the pleasures I won’t give up

Not can’t but simply won’t

Like a child, I have come,

To hold my wants as important,

Maybe more important than what is,

However I’m in need.

I’m in need of that saving grace,

I’m in need of that gentle voice,

I’m in need of the quacking fire,

I know this.

Yet I can’t bring myself to ask.

What if it’s too late?

What if I’m too late?

But its only a little too late,

When I don’t see the break of day,

Its only a little too late,

When the row is called,

And my name can not be found.

Blotted out with the blackest of inks.

Because this one was once on the list,

But got side tracked by mundane pleasures.

Pleasures that never last,

Temporary, fickle pleasures.

I’m a slave to the pleasures my flesh seeks,

But I’d rather a more permanent pleasure,

The one my soul seeks.

Something For You


As a new Christian, I have opened myself up to learning. Learning to pray anew, read my bible anew, soaking in God’s presence anew, and everyday…God is giving me something new. As long as I come for him.

You know, I never did understand the concept of drawing to God first so he could draw to you. I mean he’s God so it’s quite possible for him to impose his rule in my life, why does he need permission first?

Then it hit me, when you do something of your own free will in love, you do it totally and completely! Nobody needs to remind you that you said you would do a particular thing, nobody needs to motivate you to act. All you do, will be done to the very best of your abilities to make the object of your affection happy/proud.

That’s why God wants us to want him first, David got it right when he said “As the deer pants for water, so will my soul long after thee

When you want him first you would be ecstatic when the feelings are reciprocated. Humans are fickle but once in love, they will be the most steadfast.

God wants us to daily want him, to thirst, to pant for him and not just want him when we need him.

Imagine our relationship with God as with an earthly friend, this person is your go to for everything, when you are ill, that friend is there with chicken pepper soup and Lucozade boost / Ribena nursing you to health, when you are low on funds, that friend again is right there giving you much more than you requested, when you are feeling low because life can get you low sometimes, that friend is there with the right words to say to get you right back up! This friend is your cheerleader, your protection from anything, your every present help but…you only remember this friend when you need something. How long should it take before this friend cuts you off for being a parasite?

You don’t call, text, chat, buzz or whatever till you need something, yet the friend is ALWAYS there when you call. If you were that friend, how long would it take before you let go of that friendship?

But God is patient, even more patient than we are so he goes on with our selfishness, hoping that very soon, we would come to our senses and treat him the way he is meant to be treated.

With reverence, with love and total obedience because let’s face it, he does know EVERYTHING.



Dear Ladies

Song of Solomon 2:7

“Oh, let me warn you, sisters in Jerusalem, by the gazelles, yes, by all the wild deer: Don’t excite love, don’t stir it up, until the time is ripe—and you’re ready.”


what is happening? why have we decided to awaken desires that we aren’t ready for? why have we decided to stir up love in its unripe stages?

Why has everyone placed so much importance on sex an forgotten the condition that allows you the pleasures sex brings.

we have jumped several steps ahead and so we have missed our way. We seem to cover every depravity going on around up with the phrase “we are in the end times” while this is true, does it not bother you that it is happening in your own time?

I am tired of people using sex as bait, exchange items, tools for dictatorship and more.

I simply want to ask what is the big deal? why are people so  obsessed with having sex, or portraying sex in some way, when we should be obsessed with our maker.

I am so pained when I watch music videos and the singing male is fully clothed, while the dancing female is almost as good as naked, and someone will tell me oh, we have embraced our femininity hence we have no oral obligation to cover up bodies.

Excuse me? if you can buy a screen guard and pouch for your mobile devices but you won’t dress yourself in a befitting manner does this then mean that you think your bodies  less  than your gadgets?

Imagine if the amount of attention given to sex is diverted towards Jesus, I don’t think it will matter about the end times one bit, the world will certainly be a better place.

2 Chronicles 7:14

“if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

To the females, not because I want to be patronizing but because we need to understand that the woman has so much power when it comes to things of a sexual nature, females have to get their heads on straight, dispel with toxic thoughts and live freely in the love Christ has offered us. we were not created for desperation, we were made to be helping queens.

God had set EVERYTHING in place including Adam before he made Eve, that wasn’t a mistake, that was a purposeful act and when he created eve and placed her where Adam could see, Adam immediately spoke about her being for him.

Note, Eve didn’t have to do a thing for Adam to realize she was created for him,, yes you!. You don’t have to run your body ragged trying to please nobody. Its not for sale and neither are you.

You are a Queen, and queens are elegant, have class and are beloved by all around them, even by God.

Proverbs 31 is no Joke, follow that model.