Something For You


As a new Christian, I have opened myself up to learning. Learning to pray anew, read my bible anew, soaking in God’s presence anew, and everyday…God is giving me something new. As long as I come for him.

You know, I never did understand the concept of drawing to God first so he could draw to you. I mean he’s God so it’s quite possible for him to impose his rule in my life, why does he need permission first?

Then it hit me, when you do something of your own free will in love, you do it totally and completely! Nobody needs to remind you that you said you would do a particular thing, nobody needs to motivate you to act. All you do, will be done to the very best of your abilities to make the object of your affection happy/proud.

That’s why God wants us to want him first, David got it right when he said “As the deer pants for water, so will my soul long after thee

When you want him first you would be ecstatic when the feelings are reciprocated. Humans are fickle but once in love, they will be the most steadfast.

God wants us to daily want him, to thirst, to pant for him and not just want him when we need him.

Imagine our relationship with God as with an earthly friend, this person is your go to for everything, when you are ill, that friend is there with chicken pepper soup and Lucozade boost / Ribena nursing you to health, when you are low on funds, that friend again is right there giving you much more than you requested, when you are feeling low because life can get you low sometimes, that friend is there with the right words to say to get you right back up! This friend is your cheerleader, your protection from anything, your every present help but…you only remember this friend when you need something. How long should it take before this friend cuts you off for being a parasite?

You don’t call, text, chat, buzz or whatever till you need something, yet the friend is ALWAYS there when you call. If you were that friend, how long would it take before you let go of that friendship?

But God is patient, even more patient than we are so he goes on with our selfishness, hoping that very soon, we would come to our senses and treat him the way he is meant to be treated.

With reverence, with love and total obedience because let’s face it, he does know EVERYTHING.




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