“For many are called but few are chosen.”

Matt 22:14

Son of man, for what reason is it that you have been deceived to believe you cannot be one of the chosen of God? Are you a human? Are you alive? Then please note that you are certainly in line to be called and maybe someday chosen that’s if you haven’t already been.

I heard something yesterday that a popular man of God says and it made me realise things; first let me share his words “God does not call the Qualified, He qualifies the Called”

  • This made me remember Paul. This young man tore through the Christians of those days with persecution and even admitted to being there while Stephen was being killed, yet once God took over his life with THE CALL he spread the gospel like wildfire around the world, wrote a good number of books in the New Testaments and shared earth shattering knowledge that till today every Christian uses as nuggets of survival. Paul through the help of the Holyspirit has literally touched every Christian today as he was CHOSEN to do. Don’t believe me? who do you think wrote “The Grace”
  • DAVID, oh the young boy who was sent to tend sheep and cattle (rumoured to be an Illegitimate son of Jesse: I can’t confirm or Deny) he was so lowly in his family that when Samuel called for all of Jesse’s sons he was entirely forgotten. However, God had a made THE CALL for David and all his brothers stood awaiting as he was fetched (imagine if the place he was, was about an hour and a half away) and after he was called in, he was CHOSEN and anointed King of Israel over Saul. King David is described today as a man after God’s own heart. He was inspired by the Holyspirit to write several psalms, he was a poet, he was a musician. No king in Israel was ever like him. For his sake God made sure Jesus came from his line.

I’ll stop with the examples for now. Paul was the worst sinner yet became a most powerful man in Christ. Do you think because you have sinned that God can’t choose you? Was Hosea’s wife Gomer not a prostitute? Was she the only prostitute in her town? No amount of sin should hinder you!

Once you know you have stepped out of God’s grace it is your duty to run right back! No delays to God. The presence of sin in your life does not mark the absence of God’s love for you, it just marks the absence of his fellowship with you which can be recovered through repentance.

When God decides to CALL and CHOOSE you, it doesn’t matter that you were molested, in fact he wants to use you and your story to save others from this, when God CALLS and CHOOSES you it doesn’t matter that you are afraid, or that you have low self-esteem or that your mum is the 7th wife or that you are simply not ready for a relationship with God.

When God CALLS and CHOOSES you, he qualifies you by putting you through his own school, David was anointed to be king in his teen years but did not become king till he was in his 30s, when Saul became Paul he had to go through some life changes before he became the instrument in Gods hand that we know him for today.

So there’s no need to despair, your CALL and CHOOSING is specifically allotted to you. God sees all, and he knows all.



  1. Simeon Adedayo · August 1, 2016

    If you sin, that is the MOST wrong time of all to run from GOD instead go back and beg him…its just like our earthly parents, when you break a cup and you dont tell them to avoid the punishment thats when its worse…


  2. Adedolapo · August 3, 2016

    God does not chose the qualified , he qualifies the Chosen

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