Listen Up! my heart don’t you dare despair,

You must always remind yourself of the God,

Whom you serve.

He is in a calibre of his own making.



That is the calibre of your God.

You will not complain heart, but

In EVERYTHING give thanks to the beautiful one,

Not sometimes, take note oh heart.


You will not lead me into depression dear heart,

Because depression cannot co-exist with

Faith in the living God.

You will give so much thanks that it will be heard from my mouth,

A witness even to the bursting dam of praise and worship.

Don’t you yet see, that God is great.




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  2. Seyi · August 2, 2016

    Yaaaay! Apparently, I didn’t check the end of the post to see this section.

    Seriously working on myself to be thankful regardless of my current situation. It’s not been easy though. Sometimes I get carried away by the achievements of others while comparing myself to them. Worries dive in the process, hence, forgetting God’s faithfulness.

    Now, whenever those thoughts fly in, I try by God’s grace to wave it aside, having full assurance of my future in Him.

    Your “now” is what some people are prayinggg endlessly for.
    Thank you Kiksyy for the reminder. Bless up bebeyy!

    • Kikelomo Togun · August 6, 2016

      You know, as humans we so easily forget that life is a journey, meaning you may stop at some point but you cant remain there because there is a final destination. everybody has a different path to tow and so thanks to God should be a constant in our live.
      we pray for grace to do this.
      Thanks for the words hun

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