I Flew to My Death

I Booked a Ticket to Death

I was up in the skies, as high up as any human could ever get without your destination being space. I was sure this was it for me. All the frantic movements and shouts were a dull whisper in my ears while my body hit temporal snooze.

I heard my body shake all of a sudden and then it all came clamoring to life my organs. My eyes knew to blink faster, my ears seemed to twitch with every noise filtering in and my teeth clattered like someone on the road to hell. Shivers went down my spine at intervals like they usually did when malaria had hit me hard.

36 years on this earth and this was to be my end? Death on a plane with strangers I didn’t know? With shouts of “Egbami” “ Eje Jesu!” as my soundtrack? This must be a cosmic joke. PS Yoruba people can shout sha.

I thought of my mum. I wonder how she would take the news of my demise. Would she cry? Wail? Or just hate me for making this trip when she clearly asked me not to?

I thought of my fiancée, how long before she moved on to her next maga. That girl was a HOE! Now I’m not so sure why I turned a blind eye to all her faults. Had I become that person I swore never to be? Had I become my most dreaded nightmare? My father?

I had become a man blinded by his ambition to never return to the grasps of poverty that the rest of my life had been snatched from me.

Would the office compensate my mother well for my loss? Would the airline compensate her too? Would the money I left to her be enough to care for her as she aged?

I had questions, who would answer them? Would I be a skulking ghost that hovered the earth in hopes of reconnecting with the only woman that loved me with her all?

In all this I had only one solace, at least I was dying in first class.

A hand reached out and grabbed mine tight. “First class or coach, all men are equal after all.”

Had I spoken my thoughts out loud? I must have, she had a pretty smile. Too bad the plane was about to end that smile.

I closed my eyes to stop all my thinking as I accepted my fate, to die a death that was never meant for me. Then she started to sing. I can imagine just how Jacob felt when he saw the angels coming up and down the ladder, an angel had come to take me home, but this was no angel. This was the woman beside me. She sang “Pass me not oh gentle saviour” and I felt the tremors run down my spine. Surely. There was a God.

I felt the strength in her voice and I was fuelled, I got up from my seat and walked to the shaken hostess who was trying her best to have everyone seated and remaining calm. I asked her to give me the loudspeaker I saw her use before, she did and I walked on shaky legs back to my seat.

Gave this device to Noelle, that was her name, Noelle. As she began to sing I saw how the place transformed as though a spirit was moving round, hushing people up, the people began to seat on their seats, the calm came in stages and before long, people joined in.

Then procedures began to take effect, we all sang as the hostesses got almost everyone strapped to a parachute. We were hovering somewhere over Mexico and the plane had lowered significantly so the jump wasn’t so terrifying, even if I don’t know that people would have minded pulling an extreme sport just to remain alive.

“It is well” was her next song and for the next 50 minutes every passenger on the plane was evacuated, except Noelle and myself who opted to go last as the peace needed to remain for every passenger.

Finally only both of us were left as passengers, I asked that she go first but she just looked at me, faced the exit, held my hand as if to jump together and pushed me first. I shouted with everything in me not for fear but because I had met a woman, fallen in love and probably lost her in the space of an hour.

I didn’t stop shouting till I heard the explosion. I was hitting the ground now and safety people were there to help me but I knew, I knew I lost a part of myself in that explosion.

The story goes that she did jump out just after me but didn’t jump far enough from the plane so she got caught in the explosion.

But you see, all that was not information I was willing to understand, I knew only to understand the pain that came with knowing I had lost the love of my life.

And her music saved me.



“Who would you blame today?” that’s exactly what Amaka said before she left and never returned. Today I guess I blame her. She saw a poor beggar on the street and should have left me there but she took compassion on me and housed me till I was looking like a child ready to be […]

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Ajifa thought twice about what she was about to do, is this really what she had been lowered to doing? Would this have been her life had her parents been alive to give her all that she needed?

Sometimes it became so hard to bare the burdens of the family she was forced to take responsibility for. She wanted to risk her life in an Indiana Jones adventure or even skydive or so. But she knew her place as the head of the house was more important than her love for herself right now. She needed to survive for them.

She looked around her and tried to take in the surroundings that she was sure she would soon forget. She did know however that the broken bridge of madam Bridget’s nose pressed against the window…

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The Right Way


As I picked up my laptop, I already knew what exactly I was gunning for, I was going to watch (again for the umpteenth time) the very last episode of Rookie Blue (S06E11)

Now the thing is not about what I’m watching but how many times I’ve watched it simply because it moves me, I once more get immersed into the characters, their tragedies, their joys, losses, laughter and tears, I’m flooded again with emotions as I watch my favourite characters exchange their vows, I start to remember their back story, how they got here and it is so well acted that I find myself laughing at their “intentional mistakes”. Every time I watch it again, I feel all these feelings afresh and I love it.

Which made me think, is this the same way I get when reading my bible? Do I fully allow myself to get carried away by the characters, the dialogue, the several themes that come to play, the lows, the highs, the mistakes and the lies, the good, the excellent the joyful and much more?  Do I let the knowledge of the parts I have read sink in me so much so that I can give a full account whenever I am called? Have I allowed myself to enjoy God’s word so much so that I don’t want to set it down from me, have I allowed myself to engage with God the way I engage with the movies, do I give my apt attention as I do an hour long series of 10 episodes per season for 6 seasons?

I could go on and on but I think my point is already on its way to being made, how much energy do we focus on the things that should matter and how much energy do we focus on the things that don’t? Almost seems to me like we have misplaced priorities, which is why we are texting when we are meant to be studying the word or even “instagraming” while a preacher is speaking the mind of God.

Nobody is perfect and we all fall short of the Glory of God, however it is one thing to fall short and get back up, and another to fall short and stay short of this Glory.

Isn’t it time we started doing things right way?





Model of the week : The main, the greatest, the one, the only Papa T

Model of the week : The main, the greatest, the one, the only Papa T

Being a few thousand miles from home has made me realize how much it means to be a part of a family .

I remember when I couldn’t wait to get out of the house and now that i’m out, I miss it all. From making my mum and dad mad to sporadically jumping on them like a kangaroo. I even miss being called a kangaroo and half watching “football” with the family listening to dad shout at the Tv and last but certainly not least, I miss watching evening  shows with my mum and then personally entertaining her with my dancing to advert songs once they come on (Honeywell wheat meal was my favourite, it had its own dance incorporated😆😆😆) Oh and did I mention the hugs? forced or not, it was good stuff!!

Anyways this most darling friend of mine Seun Osho, master of words that he is, put together a poetic article on this very subject. Enjoy!

Family is the strongest bond known to man.

The religious call their God or god as the case maybe father, and one another brothers and sisters.

Friends endear themselves to one another by calling each other by family titles.

It’s human nature to identify the ones we proclaim love for with family titles like a sibling or cousin or father or mother.

Some have bastardised and casualised these titles, but that cannot degrade it’s meaning to those who realize what a wonderful thing it is to be loved as family.

The ones we truly love, we treat with affection and give our time and resources without hesitation because their comfort is important to us. We strive to understand them and work as hard as we can to overcome our shortcomings for their sake. We are concerned with their well being and listen to them, not just hear what they say. You don’t compare them to anyone or anything else because there is nothing and no one like the one you love.

Over time, if one doesn’t take time to appreciate all the good qualities that caused the love to blossom in the first place from time to time, we will lose sight of that love and we will not appreciate what has been set before us as a blessing, and like all unappreciated blessings, regrets will follow.

In love there is no dictatorship, there is no self, there is no tomorrow, there is no yesterday, there is only that person or people, and there is only this moment.

This moment in which you want to shower them with all the love in your heart because they matter more than everything else and now is all you have because you don’t know what’ll happen next.

But you definitely know what you want to remember and how you want to be remembered.

Don’t take family for granted.

Don’t forget where your true love should lie.

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For the love of indomie

Tv Presenter in the making / Ex birthday girl

Tv Journalist Extraordinaire / Ex birthday girl

Better late than never eh? still thursday.

It was 2009 and that time, it was the greatest year of my life.

I was writing WAEC which meant that graduation was around the corner, meaning for me jailbreak from the boarding school I attended.

Being that I was a boarder, I think it’s safe to say that there was scarcity of entertainment and having just finished an exam we were all drained and just wanted to have a rest. Well most people did but not me, I was in the mood for some pepper flavoured noodles, I had the ingredients for my creation, all I needed was a stove.

I had turned in my mini gas cooker immediately after my home management exam (😒 lucky me) so I had to borrow a stove from a colleague.

I had my ingredients, my stove and my pot. I was ready to get my Chef on, which I did in style as I was surrounded by my friends.

With the noodles almost done, I remembered that I had forgotten to get a plate and being the lazy lady I was (still am sometimes) I didn’t want to go back to my dorm to get it which in my defense was like 30 steps away from where I was (imagine all that walking) so I did what any sane woman would do, I asked my friend and she agreed to give me a plate if I gave her something in return. A kareoke rendition of “Boobie” by DJ Zeez.

Easy as peas I thought but then she wanted a full rendition and I didn’t know what so I went in search of “The Nengi” who was in tune with the current musical strata of the outside world and agreed to help.

We started off the song “omoge Manchester sha le wa United…” and on we went till we burst into the chorus, by this time others had joined us and it became a special number, this I’m guessing was what lured the matron to us as other students were enjoying a wednesday night of service in the chapel.

“Matron is coming, Matron is coming” that was all it took to end the choir rendition and send me into an outright panic, pushing me to put off the flames of the stove.

That has been number 3 in my list of dumb things to do for a while now. Everybody knows that putting off a stove meant sending out a certain smell and you can bet that once I put it off the smell of burnt wicker filled the room.

I was in awe of my stupidity as the matron walked in and took one look at us all but said nothing. She may as well have been on auto pilot as the pilot of her face (her nostril ) led her straight to my pot of noodles, hiding under the bed next to the stove.

At this moment I realised that I had messed up big time, because should matron decide to report this indiscretion of mine, it meant suspension from school and looks of disappointment from my dad and mum, I could almost hear  my dad asking me if I was sent to school to be a singing chef or that I should have told him cooking is what I wanted to do so he could set me up in a restaurant of my own.

So I prayed to God to help work a miracle.

Matron finally did something other than stare at us, she bent under the bed, picked up the stove and walked out without a word.

Shocked was the word of the minute as we all stood not knowing what to say.

I had just been discharged and acquitted of my crime and It felt good.

No disappointed looks from the parents and in celebration of this, I ate my noodles with relish!! And shared with NO ONE!!!

Maybe Fairy tale : the official D.I.D

Hi guys, thank you so much for your patience with me as regards my break with the blog, but i’m back now and hopefully there won’t be any breaks for a while. 😉

Model of the Day: Simi Pam

Model of the Day: Simi Pam (D.I.D for the day)

D.I.D = Damsel in distress

I heard that every damsel needs a knight in shining armour, I guess they were right.

Typically I am not a light traveller but this day, I was particularly carrying a lot!

1 school bag

1 hand bag

2 carry on like bags

1 extra bag(ish) and they were all pretty heavy.

I was off to Newcastle and I was already dreading the change of trains to take me to kings cross for my journey up north.

I had so much and it was all I could do not to scream, I decided to stay positive as me cursing out my bags was going to make no difference to the carrying of the load but my brooding thoughts continued and only the sound of the stopping train brought me back to reality and then the voice on the speaker goes “while leaving the train, please make sure to take all your belongings with you” I was irritated so say the least but positive attitude was my mantra.

So I finally found a way to heave all the bags unto my being and just as I’m walking out, I get hooked my a small pole and one bag falls, at this point I’m thinking to myself “Really Universe?? this how you treat a wonderful person like me?” and I burst out laughing at the ridiculousness of it all

As all of this is happening, I notice someone moving from outside the train towards me

“Do you need help with your bags?”  He’s African but not West African, he’s probably from Zimbabwe or one of those east African countries is the first thing that pops into my mind and I don’t know why.  I pretended to think about the offer but I was just being a typical girl and in any case who was I kidding? I needed the help badly, so I let him have a bag,actually two :).

Lucky me, we were going the same direction almost, turns out he’s Zambian so I wasn’t so far off (patting my shoulder for an African well spotted) anyways as we approached my stop, this gentleman offers to  get off with me so he can carry my bags to the station itself and now I’m flustered not knowing what to make of this development and so I agree because it was the smart thing to do in my position but he didn’t stop there no…after engaging me in some light conversation he found out I was going to wait an hour for my train to Newcastle and so he goes

“do you mind if I keep you company while you wait for your train?” of course I try to dissuade him just to see how much he wants to spend time with me 😉 I assume it’s a girly thing anyways it turns out he really wants to chat with me as we talk for about an hour till my train is called but I did find out that we had basically been missing each other and probably should have met months ago.

Hey did I mention he was on his way back from the gym? (Hunk Alert!!)  So said hunk still carries my bags to the point where he can’t cross because he hasn’t got a ticket and after saying thank you, it doesn’t feel enough so I lean in and give him a kiss on his cheek as it seemed the Lady-like thing to do and then I walked away feeling on top of the world as I had just  confirmed that chivalry is not dead and there are still a few gentlemen left in the world.

yaaay us Ladies.

Letter to a Fallen Stunner : Glory

Glory Wamyil: Forever in our hearts💜❤💔

Glory Wamyil: Forever in our hearts💜❤💔

Dear Glory.

It’s always a pleasure talking to you, I just never thought this would be the circumstances we’d find ourselves in.

It hard accepting that you are gone, but I guess I have to. I’m not one who’s known much grief so this hurt, this pain it’s foreign and driving me crazy.

I don’t want to play the game of do you remember but my brain keeps feeding me information about you       ( which just hurts the more) and the one that stands out is chatting with you on the 22nd of September last year at about 2:10 just as I boarded the plane, you made so much fun of me, I forgot I was going to start over somewhere else.

I don’t know how to stop the tears but i’m hoping i’ll find that answer soon (my head is beginning to hurt)

Glory you know how we all laugh at what Adaora said that one time about how “her heart has divided”?

Well I feel it!! My heart feels like it’s been literally ripped out of my chest. My only thought is if I feel this badly then how about your family?

We are not to ask questions like “why her lord?”so I won’t instead my prayer is for everyone in grief, using your family as a point of contact to be comforted.

When we named ourselves 107 stunners we didn’t consider a departure like yours. We just expected that everyone would turn out for every re-union.

I didn’t say this enough to you but I did love you, still do and forever will.

Rest In peace Beautiful, you will never be forgotten  ❤💜💔